CTAC Vacation Bible School
August 7-11, 2017
6pm-8:30pm each night
For kids ages 4-12
Please register your child
using the form on the right.
If you have any questions, please
call Travis Deans at 724.322.1130
Important Information About VBS
Drop Off / Pick Up
For the safety of all children in attendance: Every evening we require your child to be signed in at VBS and signed out of VBS. Your child will NOT be released to walk out the doors of the church on their own.
Age Groups for VBS
Kids who are 4-5 will be in the Hares group. Kids ages 6-8 will be in the Huskies group. And kids who are 9-12 will be in the Polar Bears group.
Dress up nights!
There will be a different themed dress up night each day of the week. You will receive an email soon with a list of each days theme.
There will be water games!
Please be aware that we have a few water games planned. Nothing over the top, but very fun. Your child may come back to you wet. Your child has the choice to participate in the water games or not to. (You may want to have a towel and a spare set of clothes in the car.) Friday we have a special bubble surprise planned.
There will be a special missions project
Yes, one of the fun things we will be doing this week is a QUARTER BATTLE to feed hungry children through Children’s Hunger Fund! The battle will be boys vs. girls – yet all of our children will win! 25 cents provides one meal to a hungry child. We want to see just how many meals our children can provide! During our Mission time each evening we will be learning about true poverty and hunger. We will get to see how bringing in our spare quarters will enable us to feed hundreds, or we are hoping…thousands of children. Our goal is to raise $500 that would mean 2,000 quarters which would equal 2,000 meals! How amazing would that be?! As a thank you for your family participating in this contest, each VBS child will receive a very special bracelet handmade in Uganda. The children will be encouraged to wear this bracelet always and pray for children all over the world who are hungry and in need.
Volunteers Needed!
We need many people to make VBS a success – people to help with singing, games, crafts, snacks, and more. If you would like to volunteer, please type in the information below.

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Please pre-register by July 23rd and on our final evening together at VBS your child will receive a special OPERATION ARCTIC Keepsake!

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Dress up night details –
Tuesday is PJ Night…wear your favorite PJ’s to VBS. Keep in mind that you may get wet at game time. ​”May” is a kind word. You “more than likely” … “4 chances our of 5” … “almost a guarantee” that you will get a little bit … damp at game time. It would be a great idea to still wear your tennis shoes rather than slippers. We don’t anyone falling, tripping or getting their slippers ruined.
Wednesday is Mismatch Night…just how mismatched can you get?!  Polka dots with stripes?! (Wait that may actually be “in style”!) Socks that don’t match!? (Wait that is “in style” too!) Wow…you have your mismatched work cut out for ya! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!
Thursday is Crazy Hair Night…an all time favorite! Who will have the craziest hair at VBS?! High hair?! Extra long hair?! Hard as a rock hair?! Spiky hair? Colorful hair? Messed up hair? Wild hair? Creative hair?! So so so so SOOOOO many options. We could really have crazy hair night EVERY night. Stock up on the Aqua Net and get spraying!
Friday is Neon Night…our volunteers are already being told to wear their “shades”…our Friday night is going to be SO BRIGHT! Remember a few simple rules: # 1 Neon cannot clash. #2  There is no wrong way to wear neon. #3 Just when you think you put enough neon on…you better add some more! Think 80’s (that’s a hint for your parents).