We are followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to loving God and loving you! No matter who you are or where you come from, you matter to God and you matter to us! We invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10am for our weekly worship service.
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The Cherry Tree Alliance Church Board of Elders and Staff

Sunday Morning Worship Will Be Livestreamed!
Go to www.cherrytreealliance.org or our Facebook page / group.
After considering the advice of medical professionals and reviewing ongoing reports from the CDC and other government entities,the Board agrees that we need to be “all in” with regard to the effort to stop or slow the advance of the coronavirus. The primary means of containing this pandemic is to limit social interaction. As good citizens, we want to do what we can to accomplish that.
Our staff will endeavor to serve you the best we can. Check out the information below to see how we are doing that. You can help! We want this to be a time when we learn even better how to BE the Church. Worship and fellowship are part of our identity, of course, but how can we honor our commitment to Christ and one another when unexpected circumstances prevent meeting? Give us your ideas! Together, let’s turn this event to our advantage!
Our decision is not premised on fear. We know the One who is in charge. Rather, we believe this is warranted for two reasons. First, we want to be respectful of and cooperative with those who are working around the clock to contain this contagion. Second, we want to show our love and regard for the many among us and in our community who are vulnerable to this virus, and whose lives could be in danger if they contract it.
You’ll still be able to join us online at www.cherrytreealliance.org and you can even give online. [Go to our website and click on the “giving” tab at the top of the home page (all you need is a debit card). If you prefer, you can mail contributions to the church address. If you are unable to receive our livestream, sermons are also available on our website as audio files.
This hasn’t changed: We are Loving God! Loving You! Bear with us as we explore this new arena of “virtual” church! And get ready for a big celebration when we are able to meet together once again!
* How can the church serve you?
* Do you need assistance to get groceries, pick up prescriptions, etc.?
* Please call Andrea at 724.880.5878 or Pastor Travis at 724.322.1130 to let us know how we can help.
*  Can you do grocery shopping, run errands, and help those who can’t or shouldn’t go out?
* Please call Andrea at 724.880.5878 or Pastor Travis at 724.322.1130 to let us know your availability to help.
* You can view the livestream Sunday mornings on our Facebook page OR by going to our website – go to www.cherrytreealliance.org and click “Watch Live”. This will take you to our church Facebook page but you will be able to watch whether you are a Facebook member or not.
* Also, all of our sermons are archived on the website – just click the “Media” tab
* You can also give to the church online using the “Giving” tab and your bank debit card.
* Updates will continue to be posted on the front page of our website, on Facebook, and by email.
* Andrea Taylor is planning to start a virtual Bible study this week on Facebook for the women in our church family. Watch for more info on our CTAC Friends page.
PARENTS OF STUDENTS (middle school / high school)
* Capacity will NOT meet at the church Wednesday nights, HOWEVER, we will be offering a virtual gathering during our regularly scheduled time (6:30pm on Wednesday) using Zoom Video Conferencing YouTube Live Videos. The youth with adult permission will need to download the zoom app on their phone or follow the link to create an account on a computer laptop or tablet. https://zoom.us/signup.
* Instructions will be texted to students and parents – if you are unsure if your child receives the texts please reach out to Joshua Mitchell (724-812-2304). We appreciate your patience and ask that you partner with us in prayer as we continue to organize and approach the youth in different ways.
* There will be no AWANA on Wednesdays and no Kids Church on Sunday mornings until further notice, HOWEVER, we will be posting and interacting online in a lot of ways!
* If you are not already a part of our Cherry Tree Facebook page for kids, PLEASE click the link or search under “ CTAC Kids ” to find us and join our group. Here is our tentative posting schedule.
Starting Sunday March 22nd
* Sundays – We will post a Bible story/lesson.
* Mondays – Mystery Post!
* Tuesdays- Pull from a jar! (Random activities, crafts, science experiments to do at home!)
* Wednesdays- What do you want to see Wednesday?!
* Thursdays- Guest post!
* Fridays – What will Ethan do?! A fun segment where kids can comment on Thursdays for silly things they’d like to see Ethan do. We will put them all in a hat and choose something Ethan has to do. =) We plan on turning this into a CONTEST.
* If your child comments and participates in our posts they will earn points. Whoever has the most points at the end of three weeks….will win a PRIZE!
* As of now, we are going to postpone the Easter Egg Hunt planned for March 28th.
* AS of now, we also will NOT be meeting for CTAC Kids Book Club in April. However, keep checking our Facebook page as we may start discussing our book very soon!
* Please continue reading below for more information on our AWANA Clubs and how we are still going to remain active from a distance.
AWANA – Cubbies!
* We will miss seeing all of you so very much! Continue to work on Bear Hug 23 and study your memory verse John 1:23! We hope to see you very soon! – Mr. Doug, Ms. Cathy, Cubbie and all of your friends at Awana Cubbies!
AWANA – Sparks!
* We are so very sorry we will not be hanging out soon. This is a big bummer. However, we WANT to hear from you! We also would love to see you continue through your books. We are encouraging you all to keep studying, keep learning verses and working through your sections! Below will be some instructions for you parents, on how your child can still say their verses and sections to us even though we will not be face to face. Stay well everyone! We hope to see you all very soon! We will be missing you! – Ms. Jen, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Christy, Ms. Lori and Ms. Ginny
AWANA – T&T Clubbers
* We regret that we are not able to listen to your verses in person at this time. However, we would like to give you an opportunity to finish your book awards! At this time, we are not accepting gold extra credit verses or silver extra credit written work. However, we are accepting main verses from each section and explore written work via the internet to complete book awards/trophies. We will miss you! – Sincerely, Your T&T Leaders
AWANA – Parents
* You may VIDEO your child saying their sections, verses, completing their written work, etc. AND please send it to me, Jen Genovese either through Facebook Messenger, Email (below), or text if you have an iPhone (because I practically live in a cave and cannot get any text messages unless it’s iPhone to iPhone while at home).
* Include in your video: the page(s) and or section(s) you are completing. If it is written work, you may send photographs rather than videos. You can begin sending these videos and photographs whenever you like!
* If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: JenGenovese13@gmail.com, 724-570-5845 – Thank you! – Jen